Our Story

Our vision is to fundamentally change the way our community thinks about, and deals with, construction 'waste'.

The Squamish ReBuild Society was incorporated as a non-profit organization in January 2011. Our used building supplies store opened its doors in July 2011.

We are dedicated to:

  • Reducing waste through the diversion of reusable construction material from the landfill
  • Providing good quality, affordable, new and used building supplies
  • Creating opportunities for upcycling and the innovative reuse of waste materials
  • Raising awareness around the social, economic, and environmental benefits of the three R’s
  • Working with local organizations, businesses and government to build greater community capacity
  • Inspiring concrete action through committed leadership

As we engage in the above activities we are striving to achieve 100% diversion of reusable building supplies in Squamish. We are realizing our purpose with passion and creativity, reflecting our community’s values and continually striving to improve our services and the impact of our contribution.